Friday, December 10, 2010


(Note from Julie:In this e-mail we found out his camera was broken. He just now sent his camera and sd card. So the next post will include some of his photos along with his e-mail.)

Hey yall! The other day i dropped my camera and it broke. Gosh is totally stiiiiinks. I was way bummed when i saw that it broke. So i'll send it to you as soon as I can. so Dad you have to speak on gratitude?? Hmmmmm. I have a little story. So the Korean Elders and Sisters were here for the past little while, abut three weeks. They are some of the coolest people ive ever met. so one of them in particular i wanna just tell you a little story about. I cant even remember her name but she is a sister and last saturday she bore her testimony and had one of the teachers translate. She told us all about her life in korea and how she has had to wear hearing aids since she was little and without them she cant hear. She told us lots of different things but the thing that she told us that i'll never forget is that her family and friends dont even know she's out here serving her mission. I guess they didn't approve of it or something. So she's out here on her own with probably hardly any support. When she was telling us that I couln't help but be so thinkful and grateful for the Amazing life that I have and the support that I have in our family and friends. It made me realize that I really do have it so good and have such a good life and the Lord has blessed me with so much. So there is a really cool story about how we can all be grateful for the lives we have. some things that were cool this week were that Elder Ballard spoke and talked about how we as missionaries need to become master communicators when we teach and to always teach in a way of understanding. It was really cool. Also just yesterday the older districts flew out to Korea. It was wild. I'll miss them! This Sunday I had to give the opening prayer in zone Sacrament meeting. In Korean. It was sweeet. Nailed it. Also, later that night, Sheri Dew came and spoke and she was way good. She just talked about three things that if we can be 100% sure on that we will be set in the gospel. One is knowing who we really are. Two is fully understanding the saviors Atonement. And three was knowing how to receive personal revelation. It was really good and I learned a lot from her. she's a bossss. she's not even married. And she's like . . rich and stuff. Weird. OK, also this next week in the TRC we have to teach the first lesson in Korean . . . Yeah. haha It';; be juuuuust fine. I'm kinda excited. The Korean is comning along fine. All the grammar forms and junk that we're learning are hard to remember sometimes but it just comes with study and practice. Oh i got a funny joke. OK so here it goes. so there were two little Girlscouts walking door to door selling cookies. They came to one door and a big grasshopper answered. The little girlscouts were all, HEY! We have a cookie named after you!! The grasshopper said, "you have a cookie named Steve?" . . . hahaha Welp. Thats all the goodness I have right now so hope you liked this email and I love you all!!! Have a great week!!:)

Love, Elder Roo

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