Sunday, December 12, 2010

The remainder of the MTC photos.

Tues, Dec 7, 2010

Hey family! It seems like its been a while since I've written you. Hmmm. Not a whole lot has happened this past week! It's really been a pretty slow and boring week. Like our last two weeks at the TRC we didn't even have enough volunteers for it so we had to teach each other. It was kinda lame. But it was still good practice I guess. The Korean Elders are here. If I didn't already tell you. They're pretty funny. We are now just starting to get stuff packed up and ready to go to Korea. Like our room and stuff. we got our travel plans this last week though so that ws cool. I will be calling your guys at probably between seven and eight on the thirteenth. So hopefully you can all be there so I can say hi and let you know my travel plans and stuff! We go from here to San Francisco, then from there to Japan. then from Japan to Pusan. So we'll see how that goes. Not gonna lie I'm pretty scared but its all good. Oh yeah, mom I should be sending my camera today so hopefully I won't forget again. I just keep forgetting to send it to you. sorry haha. I gotta get on that. So yeah I will just send it to you and then I will maybe see if I can get one in Korea or if I can't then I'll e-mail you and ask you if you can just send a new one or something when you get a chance. How are the little kidlets doing?? I miss them. I miss you all! Well i'm about out of time here so I'll be calling you next Monday. Love you all so much!
Love, Elder Grose

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tues, Nov. 30, 2010

Hey there Family! How was yalls Thanksgiving?? I hope it was a good time. And I hope you ate your guts out. My Thanksgiving was just fine, thanks for asking! We had areal good time. Elder Holland and his entire family came to a moring devotional thing. It was cool. When I say his whole family I mean his whole family. All his kids and all of his grandkids came. All his little grandkids sang to us. It was cut. He just talked to us and told us how none of us should feel homesick and that we have people all around us here that love us so why be homesick? haha He always throws down a nice beasting when he comes here. He told everybody to cowboy up and pull their socks up and go to work. I laughed. haha He's awesome. He also had a few Elders come up and say things they are thankful for. It was pretty cool. After that we had Thanksgiving lunch. It was pretty good. they had turkey, potatoes and gravy and green beans annnnnnnd some pie. It wasn't bad. the potatoes were pencil lead potatoes im pretty sure . . . . but I guess they had to be when you're feeding 2,000 starving 19-20 year olds. Its whatevs. So after that we had a service activity thing. We helped assemble these backpacks. So that is pretty Good work if i do say so myself. after that we had a sack dinner . . . no gonna lie it was more ghetto than eating at the 12th st. Arbys but hey, I'll take what I can get! And then after that we had a thankful fireside and basically it was a bunch of people lined up at microphones saying what they're thankful for. some of thme were really cool. Like one Elder that got up and said his mom died the first saturday that he was here. But here he is still truckin along at the MTC. Now if that kid's not a stud than I dunnow who is. Gosh. There were some really cool stories from Elders and Sisters that were told. So overall it was a pretty sweet day. HMMM. Last Tuesday Elder Malm from the Seventy spoke. He's from Sweden and his accent was LEGIT. He talked about finding people in the field and how sometimes the investigator will be the one looking for you and we just need to recognize it. so that was just real nice. So just yesterday we got four new Korean elders!! They're tight. They hardly speak any English. But we can kinda communicate back and forth enough to know what's going on so its cool! I like using the Korean that I've learned and practicing it with them! They have christmas lights set up here so thats pretty neat. Except on Thanksgiving night President Smith (MTC President) said they turned them on and everyone got all excited and went out there to see them and nope . . . he lied. They weren't on. I think he has his Holidays mixed up. April fools is in APRIL . . . Whatev President Smith. Whatev. So anywho. My time is almost up on this computer now. They only give you thrity minutes to type to your family and its seriously got a timer on it and when it runs out it shuts you out and its retarded. I fell bad for elders that never learned how to type fast . . . cause their letters are probably like . . . three lines. Aww well its the thought that counts. K family I love you all and hope everythings going fine. Oh and tell al boy yes I got his package!! Thanks Al you Stud!! Those cookies are money! And mom I got your package too and I'll be sure not to open those wrapped presents!! Love you all!! ok see ya!

Tues, Nov 23, 2010

Hey Yall! Thanks for all the dear elders and emails. They were real nice. So thank you! So it sounds like things are going well for everyone back home. Al nice work on getting the job at amommica first. I laughed when I read that it's at the stop and shop branch . . hah. You'll have to let me know the first time you see somebody rob the joint. Hahaha. Remeber the time we were at Golden corral and we were walking out an that guy booked it past us with stuff he had stolen?? hahaha. Oh gosh. Maybe you should bring a bullet proof vest to work . . . SKETCHY. Well I hop you all have an awesome Thanksgiving!! That will be fun. Thats something I'm really gone miss. bein with the whole fam on holidays. Ah well, it's all good. So everything is going just fine here!!! The language is still coming along. Its weird, like when we learn new things and new grammar forms they make sense and everything. Its just a matter of remembering them when it comes time to use them. ha. But yeah, it's crazy how much you learn here! I know I'm not doing it on my own! This last Sautrday we taught the first lesson again in Korean. It went good! It's pretty fun. Our fake investigator was a Legit Korean. She is sooo cool. I dunno if she is a recent convert or what but she's only lived here in Provo for a few months andwhen we had her read the first vision she started to cry. Oh a little story that was cool that I wanted to tell you was - a couple of weeks ago in the temple we were eating in the cafeteria there. A man that workd there came up to us and asked us where we were headed. Then he pointed over to his wife sitting down a few tables away and said, see that beautiful gal over there? That's my wife and she and I are converts. Two missionaries just like you came to our door years ago and changed our lives. I think he said they used to be Catholic or something. but as he was leaving he said there are people just like us out there waiting for you and told us we need to go find them. It was just really cool. So all the new Elders are here! They're all really cool. Some goobers for sure though, haha. There are 32 I think and 2 sisters. I think this week there are at least two more Apostles coming. Or so I've heard. We don't have classes on Thanksgiving. We just have a bunch of Devotionals and service projects. Party! Well I'm almost out of time but since it's Thanksgiving time I'll just list off a few things I'm thankful for 1. I'm thankful for my family, for all the support you guys show me and all the love you have for me. and for the great example that you all are to me. 2. I'm thankful for the gift of tongues. haha. I would be nowhere with this language if I were trying to do it on my own. 3. I'm thankful for Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and this Church. and the opportunity they have given me to serve them and for the love they have for me. 4. I'm thankful for my friends. for the opportunity they have given me to serve them and for the love they have support they show me. those are just a few of a list that could go on forever and ever. and I'm almost out of time. I know those are pretty simple things to be thankful for but they are some of the most important things. Well I love you all and hope you have a SWEET Thanksgiving.
Love, Elder Grose

Tues, Nov. 16, 2010

Hey Family!! How are things?? Sounds like they're pretty fun. Thats so tight that you got to go to the Grand canyon. I'll bet it was wild. Did you throw a penny off the edge? I would have. Ok so last week was pretty good. So far since I have been here in the MTC there have been 4 Apsotles that have talked to us. And all in a row. This last week Elder Bednar came. He was way funny and his wife also spoke. Its cool to hear Apostles speak outside of Conference and see how different they talk and stuff. So his whole talke was just about doctrines of the Church. And how when we as Missionaries are out teaching investigators we need to answer their questions by turning to the doctrines. He gave us this little outline, "Doctrine answers the question of: What? Prinicaples answer the question of: Why? and Applications answer the question of: How? So yeah it was really good and it will be helpful to have those notes to study when I am out in the filed and have to answer crazy questions. Also this week we are losing one of our teachers, brother Musso, and getting a new one, Sister Peterson. I guess they're doing it because of all the new Elders coming in tomorrow. There is 32 totday i think. Two Sisters and the reast are Elders. so we have to give them our teacher that has been here for a long time and knows everything and we got a new teacher. so this last Saturday my Companion and I taught the wole first lesson in Korean. It went just fine! We did really good. My companion is freaking way smart so the language is pretty easy for him. So he did way good and i didn't do bad at all either. If I didn't know what to say I had sentences written down in English and then i would just look at it and tranlate it into Korean. It went fine! I wrote down a few vocab words too that were hard to remember. We did a lot better than we thought we were going to do. so yeah. It's really pretty fun. I like it better than teaching in English. Because if the Investigator asks a question you don't know you can pretend like you don't hafe an answer because you don't know how to answer in Korean . .; haha. So Dad I thnk it was you aksing about what we were doing in one of the pictures I sent home. We're just all playing some Korean game in a big circle. We do it every Monday night. Jung night. Just last night we did again. I taught everyone how to play Silent Football. Its da bayyyst. Oh yeah i was gonna tell you besides seeing dallin here i have seen Preston shumway, and like four other kids from High school. Also a kid from the swim team. That Jo kid. Remember him? He's Asioan of some sort - Vietnamese maybe? I dunno. He's a good kid. Ok family, you be good now. Love you all!! Send me stuff. Stay sweet. love you. Bye!

Friday, December 10, 2010


(Note from Julie:In this e-mail we found out his camera was broken. He just now sent his camera and sd card. So the next post will include some of his photos along with his e-mail.)

Hey yall! The other day i dropped my camera and it broke. Gosh is totally stiiiiinks. I was way bummed when i saw that it broke. So i'll send it to you as soon as I can. so Dad you have to speak on gratitude?? Hmmmmm. I have a little story. So the Korean Elders and Sisters were here for the past little while, abut three weeks. They are some of the coolest people ive ever met. so one of them in particular i wanna just tell you a little story about. I cant even remember her name but she is a sister and last saturday she bore her testimony and had one of the teachers translate. She told us all about her life in korea and how she has had to wear hearing aids since she was little and without them she cant hear. She told us lots of different things but the thing that she told us that i'll never forget is that her family and friends dont even know she's out here serving her mission. I guess they didn't approve of it or something. So she's out here on her own with probably hardly any support. When she was telling us that I couln't help but be so thinkful and grateful for the Amazing life that I have and the support that I have in our family and friends. It made me realize that I really do have it so good and have such a good life and the Lord has blessed me with so much. So there is a really cool story about how we can all be grateful for the lives we have. some things that were cool this week were that Elder Ballard spoke and talked about how we as missionaries need to become master communicators when we teach and to always teach in a way of understanding. It was really cool. Also just yesterday the older districts flew out to Korea. It was wild. I'll miss them! This Sunday I had to give the opening prayer in zone Sacrament meeting. In Korean. It was sweeet. Nailed it. Also, later that night, Sheri Dew came and spoke and she was way good. She just talked about three things that if we can be 100% sure on that we will be set in the gospel. One is knowing who we really are. Two is fully understanding the saviors Atonement. And three was knowing how to receive personal revelation. It was really good and I learned a lot from her. she's a bossss. she's not even married. And she's like . . rich and stuff. Weird. OK, also this next week in the TRC we have to teach the first lesson in Korean . . . Yeah. haha It';; be juuuuust fine. I'm kinda excited. The Korean is comning along fine. All the grammar forms and junk that we're learning are hard to remember sometimes but it just comes with study and practice. Oh i got a funny joke. OK so here it goes. so there were two little Girlscouts walking door to door selling cookies. They came to one door and a big grasshopper answered. The little girlscouts were all, HEY! We have a cookie named after you!! The grasshopper said, "you have a cookie named Steve?" . . . hahaha Welp. Thats all the goodness I have right now so hope you liked this email and I love you all!!! Have a great week!!:)

Love, Elder Roo