Sunday, July 31, 2011

More of Busan

A really cool pic of the city of Busan at night, with the moon.  We were waiting for the bus one night and I snatched it.  Big city life.

This is me with Brother Huang.  He is awesome.  He is a guy I met when I went on exchanges.  I loved him haha.  He loved me.  Not in a gay way.

This tree says "watch your head" haha.  This is by the pretty lake we found.

Some sweet geese.

We dominated some pizza!  Pizza School!  It's like 5 bucks per pizza and delicious.

Wearing my comp's glasses.

My sweet blister from ice skating.

We had Mango Lassies from Cafe Benne.  So good! 

Model shots by Deb.  "Now imagine you are surrounded by little sea horses"

A pretty view from a hike we took with an English class member, Stacie.

Some cool caterpillars and spiders we saw.

Our English class.  The one across from me in the white is Iva.  She was an investigator.  Way cool lady.  To her left is Lee Geung Me, she is the Bishop's wife.  She always helped us sooo much!

Me and my man Bek Yu Tak, our convert in Yun San.  He's the Best!

A cute little girl in our ward.  She's crazy!

Me, my comp, the bishop's wife and the lady in black by me is from North Korea.  She's a member and her husband we only met once but he has potential to be baptized!  She's so awesome!

The office couple.  They are home now.  They are the Bagley couple from Star Valley, Wyoming.

Last day with my comp, Elder Kim Shiyon.

The AP, Elder Tanner.  He is a stud.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hyundai Beach

We went to Hyundai Beach for a zone P-day and played soccer, football and frisbee.

Elder Jong Yun Jay, my second companion, and I playing in the water . . . haha  (We didn't swim)

Sweet jumping pics, right?  It took a few trys

With Elder Nielsen (from Kentucky).  He's a good guy!

Jumping off a sand ledge.

Good old Elder Cahoon.  He's special. 

He tried to  copy me.  This is the result.

What a chump.  Good old Elder Cahoon.


At a museum we put on some traditional clothing which totally didn't fit. 

I am wearing the "Queen" outfit.

At the subway station no one was around so we took some sweet shots haha.  It was raining that day.

I locked my companion in a closet with no handle . . . haha.  Good times while waiting for English class to start.

You can see a paper target hanging  above our stove.  We found air soft guns in our house.  And if you look nice and close below it you can see our delicious food trash and moldy strawberries!  (The gray stuff in the box)

Costco lunch.  How we do!!

Two other Elders came to our house for a few days and while we were making lunch, this one fell asleep.  So, we scared him.  Look at his scared face, haha!

This guy sleeping is our Gwali Jah (doorman).  He's hard at work protecting our apartment.

We ate at this restaurant after a big zone meeting.  That's Elder Roskelly (glasses).  He was my MTC comp.

Me and Elder Kim

We got to go to the Giants baseball game.  Party! haha.  Way fun.  we went with an investigator.  And don't worry, we got permission.

Elder Kim was facing the window.  He was sad because I kept getting mail and he didn't get any. haha

Some pretty hills on the way to play soccer with the members. 

We found this really pretty place.  This is a little pond.

Then we came to this beautiful lake.

It was surrounded by green hills.  So awesome!

This bridge was way sweet.  There was a really cool path that went along the lake.