Thursday, July 21, 2011

Gwang Ahn

These are the gnarly watches we bought in Yun San for 5 bucks!

This is a bay and bridge in Gwang Ahn.  I went there on exchanges one day.

My eye.  Cool, huh?

My comp, Elder Kim Shee Yone is good at oragami.

Elder Kim Shee Yone and I went to the Busan Aquarium.

The shark was attacking me!

This sign says Go Jay.  That is our station when we take the subway to Church.

My comp lying on his bed.  He's spesh.

This is in front of the Giants Stadium, where the Busan Giants baseball team plays.

 This is a soccer stadium.  They played the World Cup there. 

Two old ladies on a hill.  I thought it was a good time so I took their pic.

The sports complex.

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