Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 16, 2011

Hey everyone! Thanks for the e-mails. I love hearing from everyone. I look forward to it every week. So this week has been good. Some of the cool things are: I got to do Greenie Exchanges. I was with Elder Goodman for two days. He's the Elder who called you on Christmas. My companion had a meeting he had to go to in Busan for two days so I went with Elder Goodman in Daegu. We had a good time together. It was pretty intense since we both knew hardly anything. But we just did some proselyting and stuff the first day. It was alright. Ohhh yeah, I ran into a glass door that day. We were at Lotte Mart and I seriously thought this door was just wide open but it was not . . . it was just a really clean glass door. With a not very visable handle. . . yeah. It hurt way bad. hahaha But I just laughed because it seriously was hilarious. I had a huge goose egg. ha. Elder Goodman could not stop laughing. That same day we met up with some other Elders and did some proselyting with them. They have only been here for five months and one of them is way good at Korean already. I was impressed. The next day we did some more proselyting and then later that night we had an appointment we had to go to. It was with a member who we taught some English to and then later that night we had an appointment we had to go to. The cool thing about that appointment is when we were on our way we couldnt find it. We were going to be late so I just said a little prayer to help us find the house. Out of nowhere this girl came out and we aksed her how to get there and she showed us. It was just wild because seriously right after I prayed the girl came out of nowhere. It was great.
Another neat thing this week is we had another baptism. It was a girl named BokJungMi She's a little bit slower it seems. She's not andicap but she's just a little slower. But the missionaries have been working with her for quite some time and she finally got baptized. It took her a long time to learn what everything was. She wanted to be baptized so bad though so we wrote a little sutdy guide for her to study and she studied it so hard and she remembered the answers to all the questions we had to ask her. Ahh man it was great. It was really a special thing.
Another cool thing was we've been teaching the little brother and sister I told you about. The little brother at first was a lot more interested than the sister and she didn't really like when we taught her. But now they are both getting baptized this Sunday morning. The girl came up to us at Church yesterday and told us she wants to be baptized now. I think the reason is because the Young women did a reallllly good job at welcoming her and being her friend. Because she went to Young Womens class yesterday and afterwards she came up to us and said she wants to be baptized now. Ahh man we were happy. It was so cool. So her uncle is flying down to come baptize them this Sunday. The ward seriously is so great. I never really realized how important/effective ward mission work is. It really is the most succsful way for us to find people to teach. so yeah, I hope everything goes as planned for the baptism.
Right now I'm currently on an island. My companion goes home next Monday so this is his lat p-day and he wanted to visit this islnad becuase its his greenie area. It's called GoChayDo. It's so pretty. On the way here we had to go under the ocean. It was crazy haha. We're sitting in the lobby of VIPs right now e-mailing. It's like 18 bucks for just the salad bar, but it was good. mmm, ahhh viiippss (Homer Simpson Druling Voice) haha.
I love you all and pray for you every day. Much love.
Elder Grose

January 9, 2011

Hey everyone! What's good? So this last week was pretty fun. Last p-day after writing you we went with our district to this really ghetto amusement park! haha. It was seriously ghetto and I would even prefer the Bat at Lagoon over it. . . yeah. It's that sketchy. They had a swinging pirate ship ride there and that was the funnest thing. We did that, bumper cars that went 0.5 mph and sledding. The sledding was actually pretty fun too. haha. It was just this huge hill and they expect you to be able to stop before running into a wall at the bottom. hahaha. One of the sisters seriously almost got worked. Oh also we went in a fun house there, like the ones they used to have in the olden days, ya know? It was the most sketchy thing ever. At the end of it all everyone in the district but me got in this giant hampster wheel and tried staying in it all at once while I took a picture. They all fell and it started tumbling them all. Finally I think we broke it because it just jammed and shut off. haha. It was a really fun p-day. We also ate at that really good Italian place before we went too.
We got two new investigators this week. This lady that was visitng from the states was in our ward and she's Korean. She was visitng her family and brought her niece and nephew to church. We set an appointment to teach them both. So we've met with them twice and the nephew might get baptized. The niece is a little bit older and isn't too sure about everything. But she learns a lot and seems pretty interested so we'll keep meeting with them. It'll go just fine I think.
The next day we did exchanges and I went to a place called AnDong. It was pretty small. And even colder than goomi. The ward building there is the third floor of a business building. It's a small branch. In fact one of the Elders that is serving there is the Branch President. It's crazy. but I found out that its the ward of a kid I met in the MTC who is serving in Japan now. So that was cool. I saw a picture of him baptizing his mom in the river by AnDong. They are both converts. We also took SoGyeongTay to a Stake Priesthood mtg because he didn't really understand the Priesthood. So I think that was good for him.
Nothing too crazy has happened this week. Things are going good and I really hope we can baptize those two kids. The ward here in Goomi is so good. They do member missionary work like beasts! It's insane. This one lady calls us everyday to see if she can do anything to help. she's about thrity and single but probably one of the most dedicated members I've ever met. She had us over for dinner yesterday and we show up and she had one of our investigators over there already with her fo us to have dinner with. she's so awesome! The language is coming along. Its slowly coming. I can understand a lot more than the first day I got here, that's for sure. I hope that it continues to get easier and easier. I study tons so hopefully it will pay off. I love you all and miss you and thanks for everything.
K Much love.
Elder Grose

January 2, 2011

Hey Yall. So it looks like you all finally got some snow. Man I miss how cool the mountain looks when it is covered in snow. we still have sno here. It snowed four inches the other day. For New Years eve my companion and I were on our way home to the house and decided to get some Baskin Robins. And it was good. You bet. And then we went to the store and got some celebration drinks. haha. Then in the morning we hiked DEATH MOUNTAIN. Wow. Seriously never done a harder hike in my life. Ha. It was only like 2 miles or so probably but it was all up hill, in snow/ice. The night before we went and bought metal pikes to strap to our shoes haha. It was that intense. So yeah . . we woke up at 3:15 am and went and hiked the mountain. We went with some ward members. Gosh . . it was seriously so tiring. I'm pretty sure i almost would rather do the hike in the uintahs with all the charlies eating my flesh again, rather than do this hike ever again haha. The Koreans will go to extreme measures just to watch the sunrise I guess. I guess it was cool but not so cool that it was worth being the coldest I've ever been . . . ever. We got some sweet pics though. I'll send them to you when I get them developed. After that we had lunch with the ward.
Last night we had such a good meal with a ward member. They fed us some famous dish from around the Busan area. It was chicken, potatoes, onions, rice all marinated in this stuff. and then we had Pot Stickers. Good stuf right there. Yesterday Church was really good. All the men in the ward at the start of the year give each other blessings. Kinda like how Dad gives us all blessings at the start of the school year. They all give each other blessings because they all don't have dads nearby or that are in the Gospel. So in Priesthood meeting we all did that and then my companion gave me one and I gave him one. It was way cool. We also comfirmed SogyeoungTay. He is the guy that was baptized a couple weeks ago. He's so great. Next week we should be having another baptism too. Its a girl that her dad is wanting to baptize her now that I was telling you about on the phone. We have a couple more dates set but we'll see how they go. One of the girls we are teaching, her dad and mom oppose but she's an adult so she can choose. So we're just teaching her about Faith and trusting in God. So things are going pretty good here in Goomi. Last Monday we met this American girl that actually is back in the states now but we met with her and some of her friends. They took us to this Italian place. I was so good. The whole place was decked out in pink though . . I felt weird beign there. The food was good, though. We just talked about our purpose to them and about serving a mission. They couldn't believe that we would just go anywhere we're called for two years. It was pretty cool to talk to them.
I hope all is going good back in the P.V. and N.O. hood. Love you all. Stay Sweet!

December 27, 2010

Hey everyone! Man it was so good to talk to everyone on Christmas! I really did just love hearing everyones voices! And it sound like everyone is doing good and had a good Christmas. So yeah sorry that my phone card ran out of time. It was so ghetto. So I told Elder Goodman to call you real quick and say sorry and that I love you. I'm glad he called you haha. We had thought that we were going to go to that base but they forgot to tell me that I needed this special card or my passport to get on base. We brought neither because they are both at the foreigners office place getting me registered. We took an hour or so to go clear there only to get told we can't come in. So the Sisters felt really bad and they took us to ColdStone Ice crem and we got like a gallon of ice cream. It was sooo good. This one sister paid for everyone. It was 22 bucks. She was way nice and generous. ha. After that we had ourselves a christmas meal at the one and only BK the King!! ha. I had a whopper meal. It was real great. After that we had a little get together with some ward members and splayed some really weird/fun Korean games. I was awful. Also I ate squid/octopus stuff. It was gnarley cuase it had the suction cup looking things on the tenticles . . but I ate it! So overall Christmas day wasn't too bad. I hope all yours was good.
So today is p-day of course and we went to and elder in our zones birthday party and had some way good food. I had this chicken wrap stuff and pasta too. We then went on some weird 4-D ride thing. ha. It was ghetto. Almost as ghetto as Wildmouse at Lagoon. Almost. Now we're headed back so I have to get off of the computer. I'm just chillin in the middle of the train station. But our train is coming in a second. We were going to go to Costco today bu we're just gonna go on wed. before zone conference. This Sunday was pretty cool. Two of our investigators came to church and they are both pretty new. We only taught them one lesson but they both came to our ward Christmas party and Church so hopefully they do good! We'll see I guess. Last night we met with a lady that is less active because she lives far away from the church. And her husband doesn't really support her going to Church. She wants to teach her son the gospel in Korean but doesn't really know how because she is from the Phillipines and doesn't know Korean Gospel words. We are going to get her a vocab book full of gospel words. Her name is Gemma. She is really nice and you can tell she has a strong testimony. She just feels so out of place being in Korea and says she doesn't really know how she fells with the Korean members at church because she can't communicate very well with them.
For New Year we are going to hike a mountain at 5 in the morning to see the sun rise. Shoot me now? Yep. My companion really wants to though, so I guess I'll frezz to death for a surise. I love you all and I'll write you again next week. Love you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love Elder Grose

December 19, 2010

Oh hello there family. Long time no see . . slash talk. So here i am inKorea! ha. It's wild here. Not gonna lie. But seriously its way cool. We got here on tuesday night or wed morning your time and wed night at like ten here in Korea. We didn't do anything that day but go right to bed. so the next day we met a bunch of the Elders who would be training us and stuff and went out and did Jundo with them. Like street contacting and stuff. It was so much fun. I got to just like testify and stuff about the Book of Mormon and about the plan of Salvation and it was really cool. So we did that and then ate lunch at some restaurant and had a bunch of random foods. It was really pretty good actually. We also had training and orientation videos to watch from like the fifties. It's time for the Church to update those badboys. It was a safety video on biking and about a guy that crashed and how we need to be safe if we are put in a biking area. Yeah, well the reason why that guy crashed is probably because it was one of the first bikes ever made .haha. jk He actually got hit by a car. Not his fault. The next day we did the same exact thing. We just went out and jundod and then they assigned us to our new companions. Oh yeah, they also fed us a lot of AMAZING food at the mission home while we were there. MMMM it was boss. Sister Jennings is a good cook. She fed us breakfast and dinner both nights. Well actually one of the nights a Korean sister fed us and it was sooo good. we had Costco pizza the first day and then the next night we had sweet and sour pork, bulgoki, kimchi and chicken wings and all sorts of goodness. ha. It was awesome!
So my new compnaion is Elder Choi. He is a boss. He is from seoul and is a Native but he speaks fluent English too. He is way smart and he is an AMAZING missionary. He is so good at everything and you can just tell he knows whats going on. so its a really big help. And it should help me learn the language faster I'm hoping.
The area I'm in is called Goo-Mi. It's really great. The members of the ward are so awesome. There are sixty to seventy members and they have tons of little kids in the ward. This last Sunday (yesterday)we had a baptism. He is an older man and he is so nice. He was working with the sister missionaries before we got there and we just met with him once. My companion did the baptismal interview because he is the district leader. The ward was really nice to him. a lot of peopl came to his baptism and he was showered with gifts afterwards. It was great. Then the sisters had made two cakes and everyone was going crazy cause I guess they dont eat cake that much here. It was wild. also just yesterday we met with a girl that the sisters had been meeting with named Ha-na-i-yay. She's a really sweet girl who has been wanting to be baptized for quite some time but her dad didn;t want her to. so we met with them last night and played Uno and some Korean games. We shared some scriptures about baptism and talked about it with them and now her dad is oging to let her. I guess he is a less active member but is going to work towards January 1st and baptize her.
At the church on Saturday we helped the ward make a movie. They're trying to do Scrooge and that movie was hilarious. haha. I seriously had to hold myself from laughing. I loved it. They're great. Oh and also the little kids there kept trying to dong-chim me. Ask Alex what that means. haha. It was Awwwwwky.
So yeah things are going fine here and i really am loving it. Korea is boss. the people are so nice and loving and they love me cuae I'm tall and they all say, Handsum, Handsum. ahha it's funny. OK well I love you all so much and I'll be talkin to you soon. MERRY CHIRSTMAS!