Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 9, 2011

Hey everyone! What's good? So this last week was pretty fun. Last p-day after writing you we went with our district to this really ghetto amusement park! haha. It was seriously ghetto and I would even prefer the Bat at Lagoon over it. . . yeah. It's that sketchy. They had a swinging pirate ship ride there and that was the funnest thing. We did that, bumper cars that went 0.5 mph and sledding. The sledding was actually pretty fun too. haha. It was just this huge hill and they expect you to be able to stop before running into a wall at the bottom. hahaha. One of the sisters seriously almost got worked. Oh also we went in a fun house there, like the ones they used to have in the olden days, ya know? It was the most sketchy thing ever. At the end of it all everyone in the district but me got in this giant hampster wheel and tried staying in it all at once while I took a picture. They all fell and it started tumbling them all. Finally I think we broke it because it just jammed and shut off. haha. It was a really fun p-day. We also ate at that really good Italian place before we went too.
We got two new investigators this week. This lady that was visitng from the states was in our ward and she's Korean. She was visitng her family and brought her niece and nephew to church. We set an appointment to teach them both. So we've met with them twice and the nephew might get baptized. The niece is a little bit older and isn't too sure about everything. But she learns a lot and seems pretty interested so we'll keep meeting with them. It'll go just fine I think.
The next day we did exchanges and I went to a place called AnDong. It was pretty small. And even colder than goomi. The ward building there is the third floor of a business building. It's a small branch. In fact one of the Elders that is serving there is the Branch President. It's crazy. but I found out that its the ward of a kid I met in the MTC who is serving in Japan now. So that was cool. I saw a picture of him baptizing his mom in the river by AnDong. They are both converts. We also took SoGyeongTay to a Stake Priesthood mtg because he didn't really understand the Priesthood. So I think that was good for him.
Nothing too crazy has happened this week. Things are going good and I really hope we can baptize those two kids. The ward here in Goomi is so good. They do member missionary work like beasts! It's insane. This one lady calls us everyday to see if she can do anything to help. she's about thrity and single but probably one of the most dedicated members I've ever met. She had us over for dinner yesterday and we show up and she had one of our investigators over there already with her fo us to have dinner with. she's so awesome! The language is coming along. Its slowly coming. I can understand a lot more than the first day I got here, that's for sure. I hope that it continues to get easier and easier. I study tons so hopefully it will pay off. I love you all and miss you and thanks for everything.
K Much love.
Elder Grose

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