Thursday, January 20, 2011

December 27, 2010

Hey everyone! Man it was so good to talk to everyone on Christmas! I really did just love hearing everyones voices! And it sound like everyone is doing good and had a good Christmas. So yeah sorry that my phone card ran out of time. It was so ghetto. So I told Elder Goodman to call you real quick and say sorry and that I love you. I'm glad he called you haha. We had thought that we were going to go to that base but they forgot to tell me that I needed this special card or my passport to get on base. We brought neither because they are both at the foreigners office place getting me registered. We took an hour or so to go clear there only to get told we can't come in. So the Sisters felt really bad and they took us to ColdStone Ice crem and we got like a gallon of ice cream. It was sooo good. This one sister paid for everyone. It was 22 bucks. She was way nice and generous. ha. After that we had ourselves a christmas meal at the one and only BK the King!! ha. I had a whopper meal. It was real great. After that we had a little get together with some ward members and splayed some really weird/fun Korean games. I was awful. Also I ate squid/octopus stuff. It was gnarley cuase it had the suction cup looking things on the tenticles . . but I ate it! So overall Christmas day wasn't too bad. I hope all yours was good.
So today is p-day of course and we went to and elder in our zones birthday party and had some way good food. I had this chicken wrap stuff and pasta too. We then went on some weird 4-D ride thing. ha. It was ghetto. Almost as ghetto as Wildmouse at Lagoon. Almost. Now we're headed back so I have to get off of the computer. I'm just chillin in the middle of the train station. But our train is coming in a second. We were going to go to Costco today bu we're just gonna go on wed. before zone conference. This Sunday was pretty cool. Two of our investigators came to church and they are both pretty new. We only taught them one lesson but they both came to our ward Christmas party and Church so hopefully they do good! We'll see I guess. Last night we met with a lady that is less active because she lives far away from the church. And her husband doesn't really support her going to Church. She wants to teach her son the gospel in Korean but doesn't really know how because she is from the Phillipines and doesn't know Korean Gospel words. We are going to get her a vocab book full of gospel words. Her name is Gemma. She is really nice and you can tell she has a strong testimony. She just feels so out of place being in Korea and says she doesn't really know how she fells with the Korean members at church because she can't communicate very well with them.
For New Year we are going to hike a mountain at 5 in the morning to see the sun rise. Shoot me now? Yep. My companion really wants to though, so I guess I'll frezz to death for a surise. I love you all and I'll write you again next week. Love you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Love Elder Grose

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