Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 2, 2011

Hey Yall. So it looks like you all finally got some snow. Man I miss how cool the mountain looks when it is covered in snow. we still have sno here. It snowed four inches the other day. For New Years eve my companion and I were on our way home to the house and decided to get some Baskin Robins. And it was good. You bet. And then we went to the store and got some celebration drinks. haha. Then in the morning we hiked DEATH MOUNTAIN. Wow. Seriously never done a harder hike in my life. Ha. It was only like 2 miles or so probably but it was all up hill, in snow/ice. The night before we went and bought metal pikes to strap to our shoes haha. It was that intense. So yeah . . we woke up at 3:15 am and went and hiked the mountain. We went with some ward members. Gosh . . it was seriously so tiring. I'm pretty sure i almost would rather do the hike in the uintahs with all the charlies eating my flesh again, rather than do this hike ever again haha. The Koreans will go to extreme measures just to watch the sunrise I guess. I guess it was cool but not so cool that it was worth being the coldest I've ever been . . . ever. We got some sweet pics though. I'll send them to you when I get them developed. After that we had lunch with the ward.
Last night we had such a good meal with a ward member. They fed us some famous dish from around the Busan area. It was chicken, potatoes, onions, rice all marinated in this stuff. and then we had Pot Stickers. Good stuf right there. Yesterday Church was really good. All the men in the ward at the start of the year give each other blessings. Kinda like how Dad gives us all blessings at the start of the school year. They all give each other blessings because they all don't have dads nearby or that are in the Gospel. So in Priesthood meeting we all did that and then my companion gave me one and I gave him one. It was way cool. We also comfirmed SogyeoungTay. He is the guy that was baptized a couple weeks ago. He's so great. Next week we should be having another baptism too. Its a girl that her dad is wanting to baptize her now that I was telling you about on the phone. We have a couple more dates set but we'll see how they go. One of the girls we are teaching, her dad and mom oppose but she's an adult so she can choose. So we're just teaching her about Faith and trusting in God. So things are going pretty good here in Goomi. Last Monday we met this American girl that actually is back in the states now but we met with her and some of her friends. They took us to this Italian place. I was so good. The whole place was decked out in pink though . . I felt weird beign there. The food was good, though. We just talked about our purpose to them and about serving a mission. They couldn't believe that we would just go anywhere we're called for two years. It was pretty cool to talk to them.
I hope all is going good back in the P.V. and N.O. hood. Love you all. Stay Sweet!

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