Thursday, January 20, 2011

January 16, 2011

Hey everyone! Thanks for the e-mails. I love hearing from everyone. I look forward to it every week. So this week has been good. Some of the cool things are: I got to do Greenie Exchanges. I was with Elder Goodman for two days. He's the Elder who called you on Christmas. My companion had a meeting he had to go to in Busan for two days so I went with Elder Goodman in Daegu. We had a good time together. It was pretty intense since we both knew hardly anything. But we just did some proselyting and stuff the first day. It was alright. Ohhh yeah, I ran into a glass door that day. We were at Lotte Mart and I seriously thought this door was just wide open but it was not . . . it was just a really clean glass door. With a not very visable handle. . . yeah. It hurt way bad. hahaha But I just laughed because it seriously was hilarious. I had a huge goose egg. ha. Elder Goodman could not stop laughing. That same day we met up with some other Elders and did some proselyting with them. They have only been here for five months and one of them is way good at Korean already. I was impressed. The next day we did some more proselyting and then later that night we had an appointment we had to go to. It was with a member who we taught some English to and then later that night we had an appointment we had to go to. The cool thing about that appointment is when we were on our way we couldnt find it. We were going to be late so I just said a little prayer to help us find the house. Out of nowhere this girl came out and we aksed her how to get there and she showed us. It was just wild because seriously right after I prayed the girl came out of nowhere. It was great.
Another neat thing this week is we had another baptism. It was a girl named BokJungMi She's a little bit slower it seems. She's not andicap but she's just a little slower. But the missionaries have been working with her for quite some time and she finally got baptized. It took her a long time to learn what everything was. She wanted to be baptized so bad though so we wrote a little sutdy guide for her to study and she studied it so hard and she remembered the answers to all the questions we had to ask her. Ahh man it was great. It was really a special thing.
Another cool thing was we've been teaching the little brother and sister I told you about. The little brother at first was a lot more interested than the sister and she didn't really like when we taught her. But now they are both getting baptized this Sunday morning. The girl came up to us at Church yesterday and told us she wants to be baptized now. I think the reason is because the Young women did a reallllly good job at welcoming her and being her friend. Because she went to Young Womens class yesterday and afterwards she came up to us and said she wants to be baptized now. Ahh man we were happy. It was so cool. So her uncle is flying down to come baptize them this Sunday. The ward seriously is so great. I never really realized how important/effective ward mission work is. It really is the most succsful way for us to find people to teach. so yeah, I hope everything goes as planned for the baptism.
Right now I'm currently on an island. My companion goes home next Monday so this is his lat p-day and he wanted to visit this islnad becuase its his greenie area. It's called GoChayDo. It's so pretty. On the way here we had to go under the ocean. It was crazy haha. We're sitting in the lobby of VIPs right now e-mailing. It's like 18 bucks for just the salad bar, but it was good. mmm, ahhh viiippss (Homer Simpson Druling Voice) haha.
I love you all and pray for you every day. Much love.
Elder Grose

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