Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tues, Nov. 16, 2010

Hey Family!! How are things?? Sounds like they're pretty fun. Thats so tight that you got to go to the Grand canyon. I'll bet it was wild. Did you throw a penny off the edge? I would have. Ok so last week was pretty good. So far since I have been here in the MTC there have been 4 Apsotles that have talked to us. And all in a row. This last week Elder Bednar came. He was way funny and his wife also spoke. Its cool to hear Apostles speak outside of Conference and see how different they talk and stuff. So his whole talke was just about doctrines of the Church. And how when we as Missionaries are out teaching investigators we need to answer their questions by turning to the doctrines. He gave us this little outline, "Doctrine answers the question of: What? Prinicaples answer the question of: Why? and Applications answer the question of: How? So yeah it was really good and it will be helpful to have those notes to study when I am out in the filed and have to answer crazy questions. Also this week we are losing one of our teachers, brother Musso, and getting a new one, Sister Peterson. I guess they're doing it because of all the new Elders coming in tomorrow. There is 32 totday i think. Two Sisters and the reast are Elders. so we have to give them our teacher that has been here for a long time and knows everything and we got a new teacher. so this last Saturday my Companion and I taught the wole first lesson in Korean. It went just fine! We did really good. My companion is freaking way smart so the language is pretty easy for him. So he did way good and i didn't do bad at all either. If I didn't know what to say I had sentences written down in English and then i would just look at it and tranlate it into Korean. It went fine! I wrote down a few vocab words too that were hard to remember. We did a lot better than we thought we were going to do. so yeah. It's really pretty fun. I like it better than teaching in English. Because if the Investigator asks a question you don't know you can pretend like you don't hafe an answer because you don't know how to answer in Korean . .; haha. So Dad I thnk it was you aksing about what we were doing in one of the pictures I sent home. We're just all playing some Korean game in a big circle. We do it every Monday night. Jung night. Just last night we did again. I taught everyone how to play Silent Football. Its da bayyyst. Oh yeah i was gonna tell you besides seeing dallin here i have seen Preston shumway, and like four other kids from High school. Also a kid from the swim team. That Jo kid. Remember him? He's Asioan of some sort - Vietnamese maybe? I dunno. He's a good kid. Ok family, you be good now. Love you all!! Send me stuff. Stay sweet. love you. Bye!

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