Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tues, Dec 7, 2010

Hey family! It seems like its been a while since I've written you. Hmmm. Not a whole lot has happened this past week! It's really been a pretty slow and boring week. Like our last two weeks at the TRC we didn't even have enough volunteers for it so we had to teach each other. It was kinda lame. But it was still good practice I guess. The Korean Elders are here. If I didn't already tell you. They're pretty funny. We are now just starting to get stuff packed up and ready to go to Korea. Like our room and stuff. we got our travel plans this last week though so that ws cool. I will be calling your guys at probably between seven and eight on the thirteenth. So hopefully you can all be there so I can say hi and let you know my travel plans and stuff! We go from here to San Francisco, then from there to Japan. then from Japan to Pusan. So we'll see how that goes. Not gonna lie I'm pretty scared but its all good. Oh yeah, mom I should be sending my camera today so hopefully I won't forget again. I just keep forgetting to send it to you. sorry haha. I gotta get on that. So yeah I will just send it to you and then I will maybe see if I can get one in Korea or if I can't then I'll e-mail you and ask you if you can just send a new one or something when you get a chance. How are the little kidlets doing?? I miss them. I miss you all! Well i'm about out of time here so I'll be calling you next Monday. Love you all so much!
Love, Elder Grose

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