Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tues, Nov. 30, 2010

Hey there Family! How was yalls Thanksgiving?? I hope it was a good time. And I hope you ate your guts out. My Thanksgiving was just fine, thanks for asking! We had areal good time. Elder Holland and his entire family came to a moring devotional thing. It was cool. When I say his whole family I mean his whole family. All his kids and all of his grandkids came. All his little grandkids sang to us. It was cut. He just talked to us and told us how none of us should feel homesick and that we have people all around us here that love us so why be homesick? haha He always throws down a nice beasting when he comes here. He told everybody to cowboy up and pull their socks up and go to work. I laughed. haha He's awesome. He also had a few Elders come up and say things they are thankful for. It was pretty cool. After that we had Thanksgiving lunch. It was pretty good. they had turkey, potatoes and gravy and green beans annnnnnnd some pie. It wasn't bad. the potatoes were pencil lead potatoes im pretty sure . . . . but I guess they had to be when you're feeding 2,000 starving 19-20 year olds. Its whatevs. So after that we had a service activity thing. We helped assemble these backpacks. So that is pretty Good work if i do say so myself. after that we had a sack dinner . . . no gonna lie it was more ghetto than eating at the 12th st. Arbys but hey, I'll take what I can get! And then after that we had a thankful fireside and basically it was a bunch of people lined up at microphones saying what they're thankful for. some of thme were really cool. Like one Elder that got up and said his mom died the first saturday that he was here. But here he is still truckin along at the MTC. Now if that kid's not a stud than I dunnow who is. Gosh. There were some really cool stories from Elders and Sisters that were told. So overall it was a pretty sweet day. HMMM. Last Tuesday Elder Malm from the Seventy spoke. He's from Sweden and his accent was LEGIT. He talked about finding people in the field and how sometimes the investigator will be the one looking for you and we just need to recognize it. so that was just real nice. So just yesterday we got four new Korean elders!! They're tight. They hardly speak any English. But we can kinda communicate back and forth enough to know what's going on so its cool! I like using the Korean that I've learned and practicing it with them! They have christmas lights set up here so thats pretty neat. Except on Thanksgiving night President Smith (MTC President) said they turned them on and everyone got all excited and went out there to see them and nope . . . he lied. They weren't on. I think he has his Holidays mixed up. April fools is in APRIL . . . Whatev President Smith. Whatev. So anywho. My time is almost up on this computer now. They only give you thrity minutes to type to your family and its seriously got a timer on it and when it runs out it shuts you out and its retarded. I fell bad for elders that never learned how to type fast . . . cause their letters are probably like . . . three lines. Aww well its the thought that counts. K family I love you all and hope everythings going fine. Oh and tell al boy yes I got his package!! Thanks Al you Stud!! Those cookies are money! And mom I got your package too and I'll be sure not to open those wrapped presents!! Love you all!! ok see ya!

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