Friday, November 5, 2010

E-mail, dated 11/2/10

Hello everyone! How's it going? I hope its all goin good back home. Man Alex has given so many talks! Thats ok though he's a boss and probably does way good! I also got those pictures you sent from the Halloween party. They are awesome!! The pumpkin pics are so gooffy. haha. So yeah, things are goin just fine here at the MTC. Something really cool last week was Elder Richard G. scott came and spoke to us. He talked about just listening to the spirit and how important it is as missionaries to be listening to the spirit and to always follow it. He gave us all a handout with a bunch of different points on it. It was way cool. He also gave an Apostolic Blessing to all of us Missionaries learning a language that we'll have the gift of tongues, as long as we try our hardest to learn the language. So that was a really awesome talk and he was just so good to listen to. He gave an awesome testimony at the end just about Christ and it was so cool. I really wish you guys could have heard it. So Dad, you were asking about the tasks that I do each week? So what it is, is every Saturday, we go to this place called the TRC, where we practice teaching the lessons and also practice a "task" in korean. The task is different every week and its always in Korean. Like this week we pretended to go to an investigators house and we had to ask them if they were ready for Church, if they followed up on their comittment to read the Book of Mormon, and if they prayed about it, and also just asked about what they did that last week. All in Korean. So its pretty tough but its not too bad. I really like doing it though. It's such good practice. And its great because every single time so far its been with a real Korean person. So its fun. So after the task, we go back to the person we did the task with, and teach them a lesson in English. But, we only have one more week to teach in English. Which is this Saturday. After that, its all in Korean baby!! haha. IT's gonna be pretty hard but I can do it. I love the challenge that it is but I know with the Lords help I can do anything!! It's great! Oh and another thing we did this week was Korean only day..... it started off pretty good but as the day went on we are limited in speech in Korean so we'd use english when we didn't know what to say. It was more of a Korean feast than an English fast... haha. So yeah, every Saturday is when we do the TRC though. Something else that is really cool is that I got to see Dallin Buhler. I don't think I told you last time. He had to come back to the MTC for a couple days to get his VISA to go to Mexico. So I totally got to see my boy Dal!! It was so awesome and made my whole week. I'll send pictures. Another thing that is cool is the Koreans are here. I think I told you. But I just really love it because they are sooooo nice and loving. Its insane. They are always just so happy and they help me with my Korean. They are sweeet! I'll send some pictures in a letter of a bunch of different things. Or I can actually just send home my S.D. card. I'll see what way is better. But yeah, those are some cool things. As for everything else its goin fine. I think I'll only be District Leader for another week or something like that, then they call a new one. It's only for like the first six weeks or something like that. Well I hope everything is goin good back home and sounds like it is. Keep dearelder-ing me. I like to get those they're fun. Oh I was gonna tell Al, do you know a Brother Davis? He served in your mission. He said he knows you and LOVES you. Sister Marsden and Brother Musso are my teachers. I think Sister Marsden said she remembers you from the MTC. So thats cool. JUst let me know if you know them. And the Korean person you asked if I know is not here yet. Maybe in like four weeks when the new ones come. Who knows. P.S. thanks for the letter asking about Queen Latifas left knee cap. It made me laugh!! hahaha. Well family, I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Miss your guts! Stay sweet fam:)
Love, Eler Grose:)

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