Wednesday, October 27, 2010

E-mail dated 10/26/2010

Hey family! How is everything going!? Sounds like its goin pretty good! Thats way awesome that Steph had the chance to fly out and see you guys!! I'll bet you loved that! And thats cool that al boy got to see her as well! How sweet! So it sounds like Al has given as many talks as dumbledore at the last week of school! Thats good though! I'll bet he tears it up! Good work Bro! Thanks for those pictures you sent to me mom! They were way cool. It just pops em right up when you open the email so its pretty nice! dad looks legit like jack sparrow. And alex looks kinda like a mexican . .? Was that his goal; . .? Ok good. So this week has been pretty good! We had Elder Nelson come and speak to us last tuesday! He did awesome but it was way short of a talk. It was only like twenty minutes. He just talked about how to be a good missionary and things like that. His wife also spoke. It was pretty good. We also taught in the TRC again this week. So what we do is we teach the first lesson in english twice, and then the second lesson in english twice. And then after that we start teaching the first lesson in Korean. But right now we still have to teach the second lesson for the first time. It's really cool! This last time our "investigator" was a returned missionary guy but he was probably like 28 or so. He was way cool but he also brought his daughter so it was so distracting but at the same time it was way good for us because thats how its going to be out in the field. So it was good practice for us. We did decent on our task this week. It was a lot harder than last week for sure. And we hardly had time to work on it it seemed like in class and stuff. But we did okay. I just hate it cause some of the people there don't know they're not supposed to ramble on in Korean for like ten hours to us so sometimes they do and my companion and I dont know what to do . . . hahaha. So sometimes we just say, thank you, and hurry and run. Cause there's like a time limit and we have to move to the next room. It's so funny. But yeah, the language is coming! I mean, as good as it can come probably for only being here three weeks. We have just had so many grammar forms and what not thrown into our faces so its just hard to understand them all at once. But i'm slowly getting it. It will come with time I know! The other day my companion and I taught a lesson on hope to our district and member of the Branch Presidency. We dominated it. My companion is way good at teaching. We just kinda talked about how hope comes from having faith and we have faith by having all the Christ like attributes and all that! we did good though. Ok so I have a funny story. So the other day we were in our residence hall and we went down in the basement to get something out of the vending machines and then we went back up the stairs to go back to our room (which is on the 3rd floor) but for some reason I went in on the second floor and didn't notice and my companion and the others were with didn't stop me cause they wanted me to notice I was on the wrong floor . . . but i didn't catch it so I walked in to some random room thinking it was mine and some kid was in the middle of his prayer and I was all "ummm . . .what are you doing in my room? can I help you?" hahahaha The kid had no idea what was going on but then I looked on the room number it was room 207 and not room 307. I just looked at him and ran. It was hilarious. Poor kid. Ahh well. So yeah. Things are going good and I hope things are going good for everyone back home too! i love and miss you all a ton! Oh yeah so I guess for my plaque or whatever you can put up 1 Nephi 3:7. I always loved that scripture. Or do you not think thats a good one? I dunno. Thats the only one that I can think of right now. Well my times almost up, they only give you thirty minutes to read and write all your emails here. It's lame. Ok love you all and write back soon! The dear elder way is the best because I get them that same day. but if you wanna send pictures in an email likeyou did thats also cool and I really like it! Ok love you allll!!!!:)
Elder Grose!

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