Wednesday, October 20, 2010

E-mail dated Tue, Oct 19,2010

Here is an excerpt from his e-mail this week:

Hey it was good to get all those letters and dear elders from you guys!! It's always nice to get mail :) Thanks!! I've already taught a couple lessons and stuff in front of the District and I had to pass the sacrament in the Korean zone for Sundy last week so that was cool. It wasnt hard or anything but they are like . . . not organized . . so you never know whats going on. . . . So last night we had a Korean Elder fly in at like ten thrity and so everyone was so excited and happy to see him. The rest of them should get here today. They are sooo smll and tiny. hahaha I fell like i could pick them up and dunk them in the baskeball hoop. Ohhh guyy. So since the Elder last night that got here was alone he had to sleep in a couple of the elders in my districts room and they slept with the cooling fan on or whatever and i guess over in korea they have this weird thing about sleeping with fans on and the elder like woke up in the morning hacking up a lung so lets hope he lives past his first day here in the U. S. of A. Poor little guy. He'll be okay.
. . . Well thanks again for all the letters and stuff. I love you all and Keep writing me !! LOVE YOU!!!

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