Sunday, August 7, 2011

JeJu Island

These are my first pics of JeJu.  My comp made me some really delicious food.  Every day he home cooks the best food.  He's awesome!!

Some volcanic rocks at a musum by our church.  Really pretty park by the museum.

Me by one of the many statues in JeJu

A pretend cave . . .

Hey, this one is a tradition.  I had to keep it up.  Don't judge.  Nobody was around, don't worry.

Apparently they have bears on this island.  Cool.  Me getting mauled by a molly mongrol.

Some of the things in the museum.

This dolphin was real.  It was nappy. ha  so gross lookin'.

Some traditional things.

One of the streets lined with palm trees.  Ahh, it's pretty.

More volcanis rocks.

I ate this burrito at a Mexican restaurant in the city.  It was really good but sorta expensive.  It's called Zappatos.

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