Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Enjoying JeJu

These are bamboo trees in a botanical garden close to our area.  Really pretty there.

We saw a deer!

Good thing we didn't use this book to teach Bob his Korean. haha

This is a really famous beach.  A member drove us here.  we didn't walk along the sand because there were lots of people in swimsuits and jive.  Really pretty beach, huh?

My companion, along with most Koreans, is obsessed about his skin and so he has these really girly maks things. haha Gay.

This is on a ferry when we went to a little island close to JeJe called Oo Doh. 

The lady next to my companion is the lady from our branch who took us there.

A little lighthouse.  The island was way small.

This says "I love you" in Korean.  Alex did this on his mish so I want to as well.

This is a pretty bay.  I like all the fog, mist, humidity, haha.

Please look at how HUGE this spider is.  Yes.  It is real.  With its legs spread out it's like the size of a Book of Mormon. haha.  Scary, huh?

This is an old volcano.  It's really famous.  We didn't hike to the top but we just took some really cool pics.

At a missionary meeting at headquarters.

My old comp, Elder Kim Sion.

A cool statue by our church.

Some ghetto hut.  No idea what it is for.

This is all in a little park by our church.

This statue reminds me of Voldemort, right?

We went to a ghetto museum with a member and they showed the weirdest little movie about the history of JuJu.  The caroon pics are the movie.  The three guys are like the ones who started up the island.

This is where they lived, apparently.  It was all kinds like a myth-type thing.

After the museum the member took us to a place called Crazy Burger.  It was sooo good.

It had a way good view of the ocean.

Another thing my companion made for me.

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