Sunday, November 27, 2011

Summer in Jeju.

I am standing under the air conditioner.  Summer was intense! haha

My comp, Elder Hwong Joon Sung eating sam gye tang at a member's house.

Some of the kid investigators when I went on exchanges in Soguipo.

Elder Innis with one of the kids.

Elder Innis

This little bridge is by the church in Soguipo.  It led to this little island. 

The city and harbour from the bridge.

This was a crazy trail by Soguipo church on the little island from that bridge.

The little island in the background.

The area was soooo green.  cool, eh?

A pretty picture of the ocean.

Model Shots by Deb.

You can see how sweaty I was. haha

Beautiful Soguipo and palm trees by the road.

Cool caterpillar, huh?  It was so pretty and the lava rock sidewalk that it's crawling on is da bomb!! Love his smiling face!!

We didn't exactly eat healthy on that exchange.  That ice cream had so much fruit in it.  mmm.  Good stuff.

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