Sunday, December 4, 2011

Good bye Elder Hwong Joon Sung, Hello Elder Riser

At the airport with Elder Hwong Joon Sung.  Some of the members came to say goodbye to my comp.

Jeju City Harbour

Some members took Elder Riser and I to a place called Eco-land on our p-day.

Gook Hyung Mi took us there.


We rode a train around Eco-land. There were all these pretty little areas.

After, they took us to a little candy/icecream buffet right on the coast, next to the ocean.

In the summer we have to put all of our trash in the freezer so it doesn't stink up our apartment until garbage day.  haha  It never got that bad again.  I think this was after cleaning out the fridge after 6 months of food before we there.  ha.  Gross!

The Relief Society of Jeju City and Soguipo.  The foreigner is the Mission President's wife, Sister Gilbert.

The Youth.  All of them are in my branch except two.  Sweet right??  They are the future of this island.

This is me repping an ajuma/haksang  (Elderly Korean lady) haha

Socks on my ears for some reason.  Dunno why. haha

Me and Elder Riser getting some polbem suc.  Best snack in the summer.

We made cookies for the pizza place by our house that we love.  We also made some for some members.

Jeju sunset!!

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