Monday, August 15, 2011

More of JeJu

Preaching the gospel in the jungle! haha  Cool huh?  It's a little jungle like place by our church.  When it rains it turns into a huge river.

More food my comp mades me. haha

Last day with President and Sister Jennings.  All the JeJu Elders.  All 4 of us, haha.

The same day we went to a little government (older days) place by the post office.  My head is through some torture device thing.  It was so not ok. ha.  It was a really pretty place.

The ox statues were all made out of wood.  It was cool.

While we were there some homeless type man came up and started making us take some "model shots by Deb" and then made us give him 50 cents after. haha  It was funny.

A box of chicken we ate at our District Meeting.  I know how delicious and healthy that looks!

Me and Bob mean muggin at the church.  Is he not the definition of Jamaica?

These big Buddha statues are in the biggest temple in Asia.  A member drove us there one day.

Lotte Hotel.  Sooo pretty!  In So Gwi Po they had a river where you can paddle boats around.

The Shilla Hotel.  You can camp there and barbeque. 

They had a sweet view of a beach below.

The waves were the biggest I've seen so far in Korea.

More food made by my companion.

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