Monday, April 18, 2011

Good bye to Gumi, Hello to Yun San

This is me with some of the youth from the Gumi ward. They were awesome!

This is after the last meal with the Bishop of the Gumi ward!

This is the start of my new area Yun San. We are at a beach called Hae Yun Dae Beach. It was real pretty. My new companion is named Elder Kim She On. It means Zion in English.

We went to a classical operal music concert.

The next two pictures are at Shin See Gae (New World) department store, the world's largest department store, looking over a pretty river.

This is a picture of a drawing that an english class member named Stacey drew. He thinks that in the core of the earth people are living. And that wooly mammoths live there. I love it!

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